The ambition

Based on an objective assessment of several experienced problematic issues, the aim is to bring to the foreground, with help of view exchanges, solutions that proved to be measurable, truly practiced along effective and followed up implementations


The method

Set a preliminary appointment to clearly determine the problematic issues to be solved and write a subsequent synthetic report.


The construction stage

Grain de Sel establishes and proposes a mandate of assignment, an appropriate method as well as an adapted schedule and, if necessary, a mutual confidentiality agreement


-Appointments for view exchange meetings are set with one or several contacts operationally involved on the subject. Thereafter Grain de Sel establishes a synthesis of the evaluation and of the various ideas that are going to be translated into concrete solutions. Should certain situations deem it necessary, the whole case is submitted beforehand to its legal partners for appropriate advice.


-A validation appointment with the client enables the agreement upon the solutions and their implementation schedule.


The delivery stage

Grain de Sel supports its operationally involved contacts in the implementation of the solutions and their evaluation, respectively in the set up of corrective actions, if such are deemed necessary.