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The ambition

Conducted by its strongly customer minded skills and its rich experience with the leading event caterer on this market segment, used to deal with the most demanding clients and to act in the most prestigious surroundings, Grain de Sel ans its team have over 30 years experience in conducting exclusive events either for coporations or for individuals. The team offers its client, whether the latter  is a corporation or an Agency, the support of a Referent Officer of the “Art de Recevoir à la Française”(the relevant hospitality know-how in accordance with the French protocole). This expertise enables Grain de Sel to propose its clients a targeted choice of adapted components to comply with the contractually issued expectations but also to be well aware of budgetary restriction and works within that target.


Grain de Sel works with the 50 best venues or suppliers in Paris and this closed relationship gives to its client the opportunity to have a perfect welcoming. At first glance, the client often does not realize the numerous technicalities and Grain de Sel manages to solve any difficulties before it occurs. Permanent dicussions with its client team helps to define and propose technical solutions to meet his client expectations and front the technicalities of each situation.


The approach

-Hold a preliminary discussion to meet what the client goals and expectations are precisely.  

-Work to figure out a scenario compatible with its client requirements and, if needed, a selection of an experts partners team, who can be mobilized around its Client to deal with the project to be fulfilled

-Establishment of a mandate letter and, if required, of a confidentiality agreement

-Identification and check out of one or several venues adapted to handle the briefing 

-Draw-up on the same go of the contractual specifications to be submitted to the providers once the Client has validated the proposal

-Consolidation and analysis of the quotes

-During the project appraisal, Grain de Sel supports or handles on behalf of the Client every required appointment, identification or meeting

-During the delivery, operative supervision of the gastronomy delivery

-After the Event, consolidation of the invoices for verification prior validation

-At all stages of the project, Grain de Sel watches that its Client’s Master Control rights are preserved. In this purpose, its client has the insurance of getting a unique interlocutor from the beginning to the end of its process

You want to know more about achievements in Events support

Ever since created, Grain de Sel was recognized as the reliable actor to support demanding customers in initiating and fulfilling their projects.

Cartier International, Hermès, the National Jewellery Institute, Ford France or the Agency Facetts granted and renewed their faith in Grain de Sel. Should you wish to inquire about their trust in Grain de Sel services, it will be its pleasure to introduce you to them.(you wish to be introduced)


Grain de Sel has a privileged relationship with the Management of these partner companies and this ensures him that their best resources are mobilized to grant best quality service to its Clients. This commitment is materialised right upon the beginning of addressing the project, in as much as operational managers are delegated to ensure the reliable satisfactory delivery of the Event. This means that they may be mobilized and contribute to designing the project right off from its start.


To meet its Clients’ needs, Grain de Sel proposes a selection of suppliers willingly targeted to ensure the reliability for the following criteria:

-The adequation to be in line with the clients’ requirements

-Fair and transparent call for offer conditions.

All together it is a comforting engagement ensuring a success potential which justifies their full commitment.

Grain de Sel commits itself to submit to its Client within a timeframe of 24 to 48 hours a synopsis of a tailor made solution (Venues and suppliers).

Grain de Sel makes sure that its well informed Client is not only fully involved in the assessment and implementation of the project, but that he also remains the global managing supervisor of the event from the beginning to the end of the process.  

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