His career

In 1987 his finishes his academic formation completed at the hotel catering school, which enabled him to discover the event management industry. His passed diploma in hand, he leaves for the USA and goes to New-York, where he works as a Chef. After a first start with Daniel Boulud, he spends 1 year with the Caterer  « Tentation » who was at that time the local leading referent.


Bound to fulfil his military service, he comes back to France. There he takes on the function of Head Waiter at the Hotel of the Ministry of Defense. This is for him the opportunity to get acquainted with the conventional codes applying for Grand House or Formal Event service. Thereafter he works a short while with Messrs. Lenôtre before joining Potel & Chabot , where he builds up his career.


6 years at Pavillon Gabriel, where he learns the job of Event Organizer. 

Then 14 years at Pavillon d’Armenonville, where he starts as Deputy Manager before being appointed Head of Management, a role he performed during 10 years. He then joined and stayed 8 years with the Management of the Outside Event Department, where he was in charge of the external events.


At his 50th Birthday he is gained by the enterprising spirit and decides to become his own contractor by creating Grain de Sel in January 2017.


His personality and values

Like all his contemporaries born in the 60ties, Jean-Luc belongs to a generation straddling 2 eras. He evolved in a period that was rational, analytical, planned and foreseeable, where the individual served a system and when a new era gradually emerged, one that is intuitive, oversensitive, libertarian, exciting, enthusiastic with great room for innovation that does not face any known limit and where the system needs to be at the service of the individual. For Jean-Luc the previous period was not necessarily better, it was different and tomorrow is full of promises.


In view of the aforesaid, his values are naturally represented by an alchemy of all these factors. He appreciates the combination of tradition and modernity.


He takes pleasure in conceptualizing, anticipating, scheduling, he loves demanding objectives that are not easy to reach, as in fact success is solely achievable with efforts. He appreciates the pleasure to serve his next by acting in a discreet efficient manner in the backstage, whilst leaving to the client the benefit of shining on the scenery. At his opinion this is the essential foundation of service. The success of a project is measurable by the satisfaction expressed by his client, but also by achieving the highly challenging objectives he fixed ahead and for which, together with his client, he will have prepared with good care and pragmatism the various steps.  


At the same time he is always eager to learn, he likes relationships and the new ideas that emerge therewith, but he also likes listening in taking the necessary backward and upward position, which guides decision making by associating intuition and reactivity versus the unpredictable side that is indissociable from the event management context.


He likes to surround himself with skilled, constructive and optimistic partners, who share with him the envy to surprise but also to surprise oneself. He appreciates the richness of relations and enjoys the pleasure and the good spirit they generate. In fact they originate from a preliminary professional and efficient answer that satisfied his client’s expectations. For Jean-Luc gaining someone’s confidence needs to be deserved and acquired. It represents the fundamental prerequisite to lead to the bloom of a relationship.


His objectives

-The will to be efficiently proactive and to give meaning and added value to the achievements

-A predilection for challenges and Excellence as well as the partiality of surpassing oneself

-The wish to act in agreement with his values of transparency and commitment

-An impertinence versus routine and its limits

-The enthusiasm for teamwork  

-The satisfaction to valorise and to to share knowledge

-An appetite to take and create great pleasure everyday

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