Our services

Grain de Sel Consulting proposes a personalized support that finds its inspiration in the confrontation between the clients’ issues and the respectful ecosystem practices applying in the event management industry. Based on their constant communication with a large panel of permanently active specialists, the appropriate adaptation in this matter is constantly kept up to date in real time

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Support on Event

Grain de Sel proposes a personalized support in making sure that his client keeps his Master Control rights all along his event. The aim of the support needs to be and to remain the emphasis in looking for an added value to be perceived by the host, whilst respecting at the same time the specifications clearly established and outlined through the client briefing and the common agreement between Grain de Sel and its Client.

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The target set by Grain de sel is to focus on the ambition to transmit a pragmatic teaching. Supported by professionals that are active on the field and involved in the process, this transmission is dedicated to deliver a contents of best practices regularly updated in real time. At the issue of a 3 year training dedicated to reach the Bachelor’s degree, the learner is meant to become an attractive staff member appealing to professionals of the Event industry in search of such profils.  

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