With the start of the 2018-2019 school year, the Ferrières School and the Cordon bleu Institute managed to cover the three years of the Bachelor cycle and they entrusted Grain de Sel with the task to write and deliver the contents for the event catering and hospitality management. In this context, Grain de Sel presented to the schools a proposal that was accepted and that covers the 3 years in form of a formation program combining theoric dogmatic lecture courses with a Flipped Classroom pedagogy. The proposal also implies to involve renowned professionals of the event catering in the teaching. The program, in its Francophone and Anglophone version,  is structured around 3 prior axes focusing on: Year 1: discovery of the industry and meeting with its active actors in their real field work / Year 2: learning to design offers and to structure them in line with an appropriate calculation / Year 3: the sales and marketing approach in a highly competitive industry
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