The ambition

By connecting professionals of the industry with Schools, Grain de Sel builds and delivers together with them pragmatic contents related to Event Catering.

Grain de Sel is convinced that this operational aspect of acquiring the know-how of French hospitality, which in fact is not properly known in the conventional hotel industry, is an exceptional value to wake up vocations. Driven by this conviction, Grain de Sel aspires to interest young talents in the numerous opportunities offered by this industry.


The method

-Determination of needs, timeframes, pedagogies and teaching modalities wished by the School.

-Exchange of views with professionals

-Creation of contents submitted to the School for approval

-Schedule set-up with the School and the Professionals

-Carrying-out of courses by Grain de Sel

-Evaluation: permanent control and final exam supported by the professionals

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Grain de Sel has been selected in 2017 by two prestigious hotel management schools teaching the various stages of the French hospitality know-how:

“Ferrières L’Ecole de l’Excellence à la Française” – Ferrières The College for French Excellence

“Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Institut International des Arts Culinaires et du Management” – The Cordon Bleu Paris, International Institut of Artistic Gastronomy and Hospitality Management  


These two schools have launched a formation initiating the various applications of gastronomy with the relevant adaptation to the various segments of the Event Management Industry. This formation is essentially dedicated to their Bachelor classes.

In agreement with the criteria set by the schools, Grain de Sel has created and delivers contents for a tailor made formation covering the 3 years study programs related to the various branches of their industry.


These interactive field liaised courses, displayed in form of a Flipped Classroom pedagogie, aim to break the rules of the traditional, so far theoric and dogmatic formation with lecture course covering the Catering industry, giving often only limited access to a proper inside view of real constructive techniques.


In these new formation contents, after discovering the Event Management industry and its actors, the students learn how to create technically a full offer. They then fulfil their training by adapting such offer in a commercial and marketing form in order to turn it into an eligible proposal ready to be evaluated by professionals and clients that are active on the stream.


Elaborated in association with companies of the industry, the training is conceived to give the trainee the ability to get quickly integrated in the professional circuit or to train him to complete his formation by a Master degree.


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